Rethink Your wine bottle habit

It’s simple. The wines are made like any wine is made- with love, passion, sweat and unwavering commitment.  After the barreling stage, instead of corking it, you keg it. The wine is transferred from the barrel directly into stainless steel or fully recyclable kegs, holding about 26 bottles of wine each (or 130 glasses). It is pushed through the keg by a blend of nitrogen and CO2, further providing a blanket over the wine and protecting it from oxidation. Wines packed in kegs and dispensed by inert gas pressure have many advantages over traditional bottled wines, including:

  • Fresh wine from the time the keg is tapped to the very last glass served - inert gas protects the wine in the barrel from oxidation and spoilage.

  • By eliminating the costs of glass, labels, corks, and spoilage, savings can be significant for the restaurant operator, as well as the clientele.

  • The kegs are reusable or fully recyclable and help reduce environmental impact.

If you have questions on how to set up wine on tap in your bar, restaurant or facility, feel free to peruse our Technical Articles page or contact us with questions.